Scandalous leggings + shirt combo gets Texas girl sent home from school

A long shirt with leggings is almost the casual uniform of the modern American woman, but in Texas that's too risque for high school.


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A Texas high school senior was sent home on April 3 for wearing an outfit that violated her school's dress code. What outfit was it? Long shirt + leggings. That's right, scandalous!

Macy Edgerly, 18, thought her shirt and leggings combo met the dress code of Orangefield School District. But she was sent home because not 100 percent of the shirt's edge was below fingertip length.

Her older sister, Erica, who graduated from the same school, wrote an open Facebook post defending her sister's right to dress comfortably without needing to worry whether teenage boys will control themselves in her presence.

The school is worried some boys will act crazy upon seeing the outline of a girl, so they sent the girl home. Erica suggests onus be put back on the boys to not rape or sexualize women.

The school district refused to comment on the incident except to say they are committed maintaining a learning environment free from distractions.

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