Live feminist sex show at University of Buenos Aires leaves officials hot under the collar

Activists and alumni get it on for art at Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA — The University of Buenos Aires was treated to a live sex show on campus this past Wednesday. A group of activists and performance artists from Spain, known as PostOp, along with alumni from the university participated in a variety of sex acts while 50 people watched and took photos and video.

The documented footage made its way to Twitter, and the faculty of the school aren't too happy about the hypersexual display. The group, organized by faculty from the Department of Communication, Gender and Sexuality put out flyers advertising the event as part of their Wednesdays of Pleasure series.

The show included intercourse, sadomasochism, bondage and masturbation in the hallway of the Faculty of Social Sciences building. They used the tables of political parties and student movements as the platform for their performance art piece.

They did not get permission from the right people for the performance, and the University Students Association complained. University authorities promised to punish those involved. Worst of all, the performers forgot to clean up the mess they left behind including bodily fluids and used condoms.

The group from Spain, known as PostOp is part of an artistic movement, which combines elements of pornography, feminism, and post-structuralism. It started in the late 1980s in the US, and gained popularity and followers in Spain during the 1990s.
Milo Brown, pleasuring another performer, Rosario Castelli, with a microphone. CEN
Milo Brown, pleasuring another performer, Rosario Castelli, with a microphone. CEN
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