Learn Chinese With Carol: Lesson 1- Hi / I am (你好/我是)


NSFW    Do you know what's the most spoken language in the world? It's 中文 (zhong1 wen2)¸ Chinese Mandarin. In this lesson, teacher Carol will teach you how to say hi and introduce yourself in Mandarin.

When you see your friends, the first thing you say to them is "Hi" or "Hello". In Mandarin we say "你好" (Ni3 Hao3).

"你" (ni3) means you, "好" (hao3) means good. Together its "你好" (ni3 hao3),which is "hi" in Mandarin

To introduce yourself, we say "我是" (wo3 shi4) then your name. "我" (wo3) means "I", "是" (shi4) means "am". Together, it's "我是" (wo3 shi4) means "I am".

Panda 寶寶 (bao3 bao) and Monkey 貝貝 (bei4 bei) will demonstrate for us:

Panda寶寶: 你好,我是寶寶 (ni3 hao3, wo3 shi4 bao3 bao)
Monkey貝貝: 你好,我是貝貝 (ni3 hao3, wo3 shi4 bei4 bei)
Panda寶寶: 再見 (zai4 jiang4)
Monkey貝貝: 再見 (zai4 jiang4)

It's easy right? Now you know how to introduce yourself in Chinese.
Practice with your friends and family, or even when you go to a Chinese restaurant!

We'll see you next time. 再見!
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