NBA lockout: could 2011 season be cancelled?


NSFW    In the NBA lockout, could the 2011 season be completely cancelled? It's a possibility, with both owners and players playing a game of brinksmanship.

In the latest turn of events, the National Basketball Players Association has until November 9 to accept a 51% income share, which they will likely reject. Union lawyer Jeffrey Kessler says the number is an "illusion." He estimates the players would receive only 50.2% under such an agreement. NBA Commissioner David Stern has threatened to slash the 51% offer to as low as 47% in favor of the league if the players move to reject the proposed deal.

It may seem like splitting hairs, but every percentage point is critical when millions are at stake.

Basketball related income and how it is to be shared among players and owners has been a major sticking point in negotiations since day one. Players were entitled to 57% under their previous collective bargaining agreement, which expired on July 1st. The league has since lobbied for a more even split.

Some are speculating the Players Association will move to decertify their union in a last ditch effort that would allow them to bring the league to court in an antitrust suit. Such a move would require a vote among the players and make salvaging the 2011 season even more unlikely.
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