Justin Bieber paternity suit: Bieber agrees to paternity test


NSFW    Hoping to disprove allegations he fathered an illegitimate baby with a fan, Justin Bieber has agreed to take a paternity test once his European tour ends.

During an interview on NBC's Today show last week, Bieber denied any involvement with Mariah Yeater--the woman who claims her 3-month-old child is the result of a backstage sexual encounter with the teen pop star following a concert at the Staples Center in October 2010. Bieber echoed his denial on Sunday during an acceptance speech at the MTV Europe Awards, calling the rumors "crap."

Yeater has remained steadfast in her accusations despite reports she previously tried to pin her baby on two separate men: ex-boyfriend John Terranova and a mystery man named "Steve." A confrontation with Terranova in Las Vegas put her in handcuffs on a domestic battery charge in December of last year.

Both sides are threatening legal action. TMZ sources say Bieber's team vows to make Yeater pay for defaming his character, while Yeater is seeking child support. In an interview with The Insider on Monday, Yeater said she has provided evidence to her attorneys that proves Bieber is in fact the father of her baby.
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