How many people does it take to save three pigeons!?


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How many emergency workers does it take to save three pigeons from a roof? Too many if you’re in Spennymoor, England. Two fire engines, nine crew and a police car came to the rescue of three pigeons, stuck in some roof netting.
As if these pigeons did not get enough attention already, we decided to put together an animation to truly up the WTF factor of this story.

If you’re wondering why so many people were needed to come to the aid of these pigeons, it wasn’t originally the plan. When an RSPCA crewmember who was dispatched to the pigeons realized that some bigger guns were needed, the local fire station was called.

Not realizing how incredibly tricky the rescue maneuver would be, the station only dispatched ONE fire truck. Can you believe it? Soon another fire truck with a cherry picker was on the scene. Naturally a police car was needed to help steer traffic around this chaotic event. If you’re wondering how this tense scene played out, all pigeons made it out alive and the fire men realized they needed to get some hobbies.
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