285 mph motorcycle crash: Record seeker dies in high-speed accident


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Motorcycle accident: Florida racer William “Bill” Warner died after a high-speed accident when he came off his modified Suzuki Hayabusa during a record attempt on July 14.

Warner set a speed record of 311 miles per hour over 1.5 miles back in 2011 at former Loring Air Force Base in Maine, which boasts one of the longest runways in the world. On Sunday he was back there with the hope of hitting 300 miler per hour in under a mile. He set off without incident and reached a top speed of 285 miles per hour. Then, after slowing to 260 miles per hour, he somehow lost control of the bike at the 4,000 foot line and came off, finally coming to rest 1,000 feet from his bike. Emergency vehicles responded instantly.

He was reportedly conscious and talking when emergency responders reached him but passed away just over an hour later at Cary Medical Center in Caribou.

Police and racing authorities are investigating the precise cause of the respected rider’s untimely death. He was 44 years old.

“Even when accidents do happen, people often walk away from them. But unfortunately, that's not what happened this time,” said race director Tim Kelly.
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