Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence and company caught with their pants down


NSFW    Well, it happened. Somebody figured out you can put naked pictures on the internet. This is serious. We’d better take a closer look and see if we can discern a pattern.

Lets take a stone cold look at whether these are real celebrity boobs, or just imposter plebian boobs.

First up. Jennifer Lawrence. She’s already come out mad as hell about the photos, so yeah, those are real.

Next, Ariana Grande, she says they’re fake. Eh… maybe.

But what about Kate Upton? Nobody else has that body, fo sho!

Victoria Justice says her photos are totally fake… I think we agree. But is it a coincidence that guy looks like Nickelodeon’s Dan Schneider?

And Selena Gomez? Yeah, that swimsuit doesn’t seem like it exists on Earth.

Then there’s Spiderman’s sweety, Kirsten Dunst! We say… real.

What about Brie Larson? Hmm… definitely real. Nobody fakes sexy cardigan time.

How about Kirsten Ritter, that chick from Breaking Bad who chokes to death on her own vomit. She took a suggestive photo of salad. Creative!

Have you seen Australian star Teresa Palmer? She was in a movie called Warm Bodies but in these photos she’s showing off some chilly glass cutters

And how about those classy shots from Mary Elizabeth Winstead. She confirmed their authenticity, and said you suck for looking at them. But we think they’re artistic, good going Mary.

And finally, the champ of the bunch, Becca Tobin, who actually joked about her photos, tweeting “Merry XXXmas!”. Alright, now THAT’S how you deal with a nude photo leak!
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