Kimoji app lets you text Kim Kardashian's 'assets' to your friends


NSFW    CALABASAS, CALIFORNIA — KIm Kardashian has launched a new emoji app, Kimoji, which features various pics of her assets so you can let her derriere do the talking for you.

It's not just her rump that can do the talking. You can also let others know that you have feelings with a picture of Kim crying. Another Kimoji image shows Kim's panties around her ankles so that you can express that you're definitely down to fill up a toilet while texting.

The app's two-star rating is probably two more than it deserves in the iTunes app store. With 240 Kimojis, you'll never run out of ways to express how stupid you are. It beat out Minecraft for the number one paid-app spot and crashed Apple's servers due to all the Kay Kay fans trying to tap the app store at the same time.
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