NBC finds at least 11 Brian Williams embellishments upon investigation


NSFW    An internal investigation at NBC found at least 11 Brian Williams embellishments. Looks like it's time to say bye bye to the walking dead man of the news game, Brian Williams.

The former anchor and managing editor of NBC's Nightly News was suspended in February for "misremembering" details of his Iraq war coverage; and now, there's more.

B Willy style also got fibby with it in his recollection of a 2006 report from Israel where he spotted rockets being fired from six miles away. In an interview one year later, he said the rockets were "passing just underneath the helicopter [he] was riding in."

Recalling his 2011 report from Cairo's Tahrir square to Jon Stewart, Williams said he "actually made eye contact with the man on the lead horse." The actual broadcast showed the Peabody Award winner on a rooftop balcony, far away from the action.

Even William's stories from childhood are coming into question; did he save one puppy or two? Did he really get mugged at gunpoint while selling Christmas trees? NBC would be crazy to put Williams back on air; it's time they cut ties and move on.
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