2020 Olympic medals to be made from recycled electronic gadgets

Japan has collected tons of used electronic devices to convert into medals for next year's Olympics.


NSFW    TOKYO — Japan is preparing for next year's Olympics by asking the public to donate electronic devices they no longer use, according to New Atlas.

Japan's Organizing Committee for the 2020 Olympics has been collecting used smartphones, digital cameras and laptops since April 2018 to convert the devices' metals into medals.

Recycle centers were set up across the country, resulting in more than 47,000 tons of electronic devices being collected, according to New Atlas.

Information from the official Tokyo 2020 website notes that the committee has already met its target goal for bronze medals — 2,700 kg. Around 28.4 kg of the targeted 30.3 kg has been extracted for the gold medal. While 3,500 kg of the targeted 4,100 kg of silver has been extracted from the recycled waste.

The committee expects to meet the targets next month. The Tokyo 2020 Olympic medal designs will be unveiled this summer.
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