20-pound ovarian cyst removed from woman's stomach

The woman finally had to have the cyst removed after it had a huge growth spurt.


NSFW    ROBERTSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE — A woman in Tennessee had a huge 20 pound ovarian cyst removed from her stomach, according to reports from WVLT-TV.

Ashley Walden first visited the doctor five years ago after experiencing abdominal pain. The doctor diagnosed her with a benign ovarian cyst, but her the pain eventually got worse and she started gaining weight.

Walden ended up looking like she was six months pregnant and said she could barely walk.

She ended up in the emergency room. The doctors conducted a series of tests and found that the cyst had hit a growth spurt.

The doctors finally removed the giant cyst and found it went from her liver down to her bladder.

Walden says she regrets not getting surgery done earlier and said it isn't worth putting off your health.

She says her plans now involve hanging out with her kids.
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