Star Wars goes Rogue with this One


NSFW    A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY — What can we say about Rogue One? Well, the force is finally strong with this stand-alone action-thriller.

The Star Wars prequels were a hot, stinking mess from beginning to end, despite making a buttload of dough for George Lucas and Disney.

Rogue One follows heroine Jyn Erso and her ragtag band of rebel spies as they attempt to steal the secret plans to the Death Star, so that Luke Skywalker can put his womp rat shooting skills to the test during The New Hope.

And if we’re giving out grades for diversity, Rogue One definitely gets an A. The movie has a female leader, an Arab pilot, a black Yoda-type character and a Hispanic captain. And as for Asian guys, we got two of them, because you have to please the China market, right?

Sorry R2 and BB8, but the biggest star taking the Star Wars world by storm after this latest installment was probably droid K-2SO. But don’t worry, we won’t be seeing him anymore, that is, unless Disney decides to pre-prequel Rogue One.
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