Kanye decides to have a meltdown rather than perform in Sacramento


NSFW    SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA — More than 13,000 Sacramento fans had front row seats on Saturday night to watch yet another Kanye West cryfest.

Kanye decided to kick things off by showing up late, and then decided that he would only perform a couple of songs before he started whining.

Ye started his rant by railing on how radio pretty much just has Drake and Khaled on repeat.

Then, he decided to put MTV on blast and complain about how Beyoncé shouldn’t have gotten best video of the year over him.

Yeezy then started crying about how Jay Z hasn’t called him in quite some time before switching gears to criticize Hillary Clinton and her stunning loss, which he blamed on Google and Mark Zuckerberg lying to everyone.

And then like a true professional, the 2020 presidential hopeful wrapped up his 15-minute tirade by saying that he’s been blessed with visions, and then ended the show with a mic drop and just walked off stage.
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