‘Mine's the red one!' British Olympic team's 900 identical red bags cause chaos on return home


NSFW    LONDON — Britain’s triumphant athletes suffered baggage chaos on their return from the Olympics this week after some bright spark decided to issue the team with 900 identical red bags.

Team GB won 67 medals in Rio, including 27 golds, to finish second in the medals table. But there will be no prizes for whoever thought it was a good idea to give the athletes matching luggage.

Several team members posted photos and video of the sorry scene at London’s Heathrow Airport on Tuesday, the Washington Post reported.

Those caught up in the mess included silver-medal-winning windsurfer Nick Dempsey, rowing gold-medalist Alex Gregory, and a man with a fitting name for such a trying situation: bronze medal-winning sailor Luke Patience.

Most of the athletes seemed to take the whole thing in good humor and all the British Olympians managed to find their bags.

However, Team GB may have set an unwanted world record for time taken to get out of an airport because it took about four hours to sort out the mess.
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