Football fan learns the hard way how NOT to crowd surf during match


NSFW    BIRMINGHAM, UK — A Wolverhampton Wanderers fan learned a hard lesson about crowd surfing when his attempt fell flat during Saturday’s 3-1 victory over Birmingham City.

The hard-hitting video was posted on Facebook by Matt Caswell.

Wolverhampton fan Peter Yates apparently thought it would be a good idea to climb on top of the bathrooms and try a little crowd surfing at St. Andrew’s Stadium during the game.

The Wolves were actually down 1-0 when Yates decided to take a stab at crowd jumping.

Only problem was, the fans on the ground weren’t having any of it. Yates took his spectacular jump and learned the hard way how not to crowd surf.

As he sailed through the air, no one tried to catch Yates, so he ended up with a face full of pavement.

But hey, at least his team won.

Reports are unclear if Yates sustained any serious injury from his fall.
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