Human slingshot launches BASE jumpers 300+ feet into the air in Dubai


NSFW    DUBAI, UNITED ARAB OF EMIRATES — World renowned BASE jumpers Chris “Douggs” McDougall and Jimmy Pouchert traveled to Dubai to set up a human catapult.

Engineer Eric Straub built the catapult with custom pulleys and a board that the BASE jumpers used to launch themselves 300 plus feet in the air.

Pouchert said, "When you are lying on that board and there is 50,000 pounds waiting to drop, the tension is palpable. If anything goes wrong, there is literally nothing you could do to stop it. You are lying there, looking at the crane tips 200 feet away, knowing that once you are released, it will take one second to get to (the top of) them - 200 feet in one second. We didn't have a g-force meter, but we assume it is a moment of possibly 7g's and then it immediately starts to slack off once you are traveling."
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