Artificial intelligence correctly predicts Kentucky Derby superfecta


NSFW    LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY — An artificial intelligence system leveraging the power of crowds successfully predicted the Superfecta at the 142nd Kentucky Derby. The odds of winning were 540 to 1.

The software platform known as UNU was developed by Unanimous A.I. Participants log into the platform through their own smart devices. Each participant has control of a small magnet that pushes a puck towards the answer the individual thinks is correct. The group controls the puck collectively and has only 60 seconds to reach a collective answer.

Typical swarm intelligence systems require the participation of many individuals who are relatively homogeneous. The group makes decisions solely on their own instincts and knowledge without any planning, leadership or even direct communications with each other.

The Superfecta requires the players to pick four finishers in the exact order. To predict the outcome, Unanimous A.I. gathered 20 participants who had similar knowledge about the Kentucky Derby.

UNU has successfully predicted winners for the Super Bowl and Oscars in the past. About six months ago, UNU asked participants about predictions for political candidates. The swarm reportedly reflected strong preferences for Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.
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