K-pop performer nearly reveals lady parts on stage


NSFW    SOUTH KOREA — K-pop girl group DimePiece has a knack for sexy dancing, but what is too sexy?

A video of the lady performers has gone viral due to the women's stripper-like dance moves.

The group is known for wearing skimpy clothing, namely short shorts, during performances. And, caught on camera, DimePiece member CU is doing just that: dancing in short jean shorts and a white crop top.

At first, CU busted some sexy moves, shaking her butt for the audience. She drops low here and there. But nothing we haven't seen from popstars the likes of Britney Spears back in the day.

A little after two minutes into the routine, CU gets low again, this time taking some pointers from Nicki Minaj and giving audiences a real show — except it wasn't buns the anaconda wanted.
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