Erin Andrews wins $55 million in nude video lawsuit against stalker, hotel


NSFW    NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE — Michael David Barrett and the owners of a Tennessee hotel are set to pay millions in damages after being found liable in the Erin Andrews nude video case.

According to the Washington Post, Barrett recounted in a taped testimony that in 2008, he went to the Marriott at Vanderbilt University after confirming that Andrews was staying there.

After finding out her room number through an in-house employee phone, he made sure the room adjacent to hers was empty, and requested to book it at the front desk. He then used a hacksaw to tamper with the peephole on Andrews' door while she was out of the room.

He filmed her naked through the tampered peephole, and uploaded the illicit video a year later after trying and failing to sell it to TMZ.

Barrett was convicted of stalking in 2009 and served a 20-month prison sentence. He was released in 2012.

A Nashville jury awarded $55 million to Andrews, to be split 51 percent and 48 percent between Barrett and the Nashville Marriott, respectively.

The New York Daily News reports that Andrews originally sued in 2010 and sought $75 million. She cited negligence after the hotel allowed Barrett to take the room next to hers and shoot the video — which has now been viewed more than 17 million times.
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