Peyton Manning accused of teabagging a trainer and ruining her career


NSFW    POLK COUNTY, FLORIDA — Denver Broncos star quarterback Peyton Manning was accused of sexually assaulting a trainer back in 1996 when he was a student athlete at the University of Tennessee.

Court documents from a lawsuit filed in a 2003 statement of facts detail how Jamie Naughright was sexually assaulted by Manning while examining his foot for a stress fracture.

Naughright claimed that Manning placed his naked genitals and rectum on her head.

Manning denied this claim, saying that he was actually mooning fellow student athlete Malcolm Saxon. But Saxon denied Manning's version of events and urged him to come clean.

Both Manning and Naughright signed a confidentiality agreement, and Naughright was forced to resign from her job at the University of Tennessee.

In 2000, Peyton Manning and his father Archie Manning wrote a memoir about themselves, which attacked Naughright and breached their confidentiality agreement.

Excerpts from the book involving Naughright were sent to her new job at Florida Southern College. Her boss found out, and Naughright lost her job at that school as well.

Naughright filed a defamation lawsuit in 2002 against Peyton Manning, his father Archie Manning, the ghostwriter who helped them with the memoir, and the publisher of the book.

USA Today published stories on the alleged sexual assault in 2003, but the stories were largely ignored until this weekend, when Shaun King of the New York Daily News published the documents and questioned whether Manning had been given a free pass because he was a white NFL player.
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