Ex-footballer jailed in China, where are Trump and US media?


NSFW    CHONGQING, CHINA — Former college football star Wendell Brown has spent the last 14 months in a Chinese jail for a bar fight where authorities "claim" he hit a man, Yahoo Sports reported.
On Sept. 24, 2016, Brown was at a birthday party when some other Chinese men not with his group wanted to drink with him. He declined, they got butthurt and a fight broke out.

Brown was later arrested for hitting a man, a claim he denies. He said he only raised his arms to block glass bottles being thrown at him.

Of course Brown was taken to the Chongqing Jiangbei jail anyways, where he has been since.

A court appearance in July saw the State's evidence against him fall apart, but with Chinese prosecutors maintaining a 99.2% conviction rate, chances are slim Brown will get off. He's facing a three to 10 year sentence.

His family have tried to hire a lawyer, but legal costs are skyrocketing and China's completely corrupt legal system doesn't help.
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