Red ‘It' balloons keep popping up in Pennsylvania town


NSFW    LITITZ, PENNSYLVANIA — Looks like the police decided to clown around with the people of Lititz after they warned of red ‘IT’ balloons on sewer grates around town ahead of the new movie.

The Lititz police department posted photos on Facebook of red balloons tied to two sewer grates along with a clownish message on Tuesday, the New York Post reported.

If you’re not sure why red balloons are scary, Google it. Oh sorry, we actually mean Google “IT”.

So, in Stephen King’s novel “It,” Pennywise — the scary-ass clown — happens to be a big fan of red balloons.

In their post, the cops gave the prankster or pranksters an A for effort, but said they removed the balloons because IT ain’t funny.

Plus, police proposed people peruse posthaste Pennywise previews. They also advised the public to watch it with someone with the lights on and sound low.

The movie hits theaters this Friday. IT looks pretty scary.
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