Game of Thrones costumes are made out of affordable IKEA rugs


NSFW    LOS ANGELES — Winter is coming[d] (well, it will be at some point) — and IKEA has got just the thing to keep Game of Thrones fans warm when the weather turns cold.

Thronies have been flocking to IKEA in their droves, after it emerged that characters like Jon Snow and Sansa Stark get parts of their costumes from the Swedish furniture store.

The show's budget maxes out at $10 million dollars per episode, so costume designers spent whatever copper pennies they had left on some sheepskin rugs from IKEA, Fortune reported.

The designers cut the rugs, shaved them, added a few straps, and then made them look worn, so members of the Night's Watch could wear them as capes.

Online searches for the rugs have surged and IKEA is now expecting a big boost in sales.

The rug info was actually revealed last year during a talk in Los Angeles by one of the costume designers, but only received wider exposure this week.
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