Tour de France cyclist shows off bulging veins in his legs


NSFW    FRANCE — Polish cyclist Pawel Poljanski, who is just days away from reaching the finish line of this year's Tour de France, recently posted a photo of his legs that has captivated and grossed out the internet.

Riding for German team Bora-Hansgrohe, Poljanski is one of 198 cyclists competing in the grueling 2,200-mile race. The trek features 23 mountain climbs, to be conquered in only 23 days. Following the 16th stage out of 21, Poljanksi snapped a pic of his quads, complete with bulging veins all the way down to his feet, and a gnarly sunburn due to the 80-degree heat.

After uploading the eye-popping photo to Instagram, many users are wondering whether the appearance of his legs is cause for concern. Interviewed by HuffPost UK, physical trainer Luke Worthington of Third Space explains that those bulging veins simply indicate a lot of blood has been pumping to Poljanski's working muscles.

For an amateur cyclist, a maximum of 20 litres of blood will circulate per minute, but for a pro, the volume of blood circulating is doubled.

The Tour de France ends on Sunday.
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