Singapore's first family is feuding over a house


NSFW    SINGAPORE — As the feud between Singapore’s first family gets catty, the world watches in anticipation —and by world— we mean Singapore.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has been caught up in a public back and forth with his brother and sister over Lee Kuan Yew’s old house.

When dictator Lee Kuan Yew kicked the bucket, it was made public that it was his wish the house be torn down.

Lee Hsien Loong put the demolition on hold, which caused his brother and sister to use Facebook like Trump diddles around with Twitter.

His siblings have accused him of abusing his powers as PM to take control of the house. They say he wants to preserve it for his own political gain.

The two have also said they’ve been the target of harassment from Lee Hsien Loong.

No doubt the outcome of this intensely boring family feud won’t be known for quite some time, so stay tuned to see what happens to — THE HOUSE — or don’t.
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