What Up at the White House Episode 7


NSFW    WASHINGTON — It was a busy week of tiring photo shoots for Trump, but none bigger than the Time magazine cover. Of course since he’s so good at winning, he absolutely destroys it.

To show everyone he’s still got game, the president hits on an Irish reporter while on a phone call with the Irish prime minister.

America is finally safe again after Trump — with help from the courts — gets some of his Muslim ban in place.

CNN blows it by releasing, then retracting, a garbage Russia story. Sarah Huckabee uses the opportunity to go out and whine about news coverage.

Trump shows how presidential he is in a Twitter fight with Morning Joe hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough. Sarah backs Trump saying ‘Murican’s elected a fighter.

Trump then considers changing Repeal & Replace to Rest & Relax on the healthcare bill.

With witch-hunting season winding down, Donald turns his attention to voter fraud.

Trump then starts training for his upcoming blockbuster fight with the corporate media. Who will come out on top? Stay tuned for this week’s show.
Inmate catches a break, receives some special attention behind bars

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