150 million user accounts breached, says Under Armour

Exercise app MyFitnessPal was hacked in February, exposing the information of over 150 million users.


NSFW    BALTIMORE — A wildly popular fitness app got hacked last month, exposing information on the millions of lazy people that use it.

According to Reuters, Under Armour announced on Thursday that its nutrition and exercise tracking app MyFitnessPal was breached in late February.

About 150 million accounts were compromised, with hackers getting their hands on user names, email addresses, and encrypted passwords.

Payment card data is processed separately, so it wasn't accessed.

Still, there's a chance hackers might use the info they do have to break into a user's other accounts.

So if you happen to be on MyFitnessPal, now's the time to change all your passwords.

No one knows who masterminded the hack and more importantly — why. But somewhere in the world, someone now knows for sure that America doesn't exercise.
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