15-foot monster saltie tries to take bite out of Aussie man

Outback Wrangler Matt Wright uploaded a video to his Facebook page showing a "friendly" monster saltwater croc named Otis lunging at him in Sweets Lagoon, Darwin.


NSFW    DARWIN, AUSTRALIA — A ginormous croc got a little too friendly with a fellow Aussie, who escaped with life and limbs intact … for now.

That Aussie is Matt Wright — better known as the Outback Wrangler who recently got in trouble with the internet for duct-taping the snout of another giant croc.

On Monday, Wright was at Sweets Lagoon in Darwin, which is home to a 15-foot, 500-kilo monster saltwater crocodile named Otis.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the Outback Wrangler claims he's mates with Otis, and that the saltie recognizes his voice. Well, he recognized something alright, because next thing you know, the croc is rising out of the water and lunging to take a chunk outta Wright.

Guess that's just how crocs say hello?

In any case, the big fella missed, so Wright is still in one piece and can go right back to wranglin' dem crocs.

He later posted a video of the encounter on his Facebook page, where it's gotten more than 50,000 views.
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