Travis Kalanick resigns as CEO of Uber


NSFW    SAN FRANCISCO — Travis Kalanick has resigned as CEO of Uber as the ride-hailing app has been hit with an extended barrage of scandals and controversies.

A group of major Uber investors were calling for Kalanick’s head and demanded his resignation, the New York Times reported.

The move comes amid months of bad press over the crappy leadership and toxic work culture at Uber.

The company started the year off on a bad note with widespread allegations of sexual harassment and all around sleazy behavior in the office.

Then a video surfaced of Kalanick yelling at an Uber driver and acting like a total prick.

Uber has also been dealing with an IP lawsuit from Google’s Waymo self-driving car unit.

The company also had to fire more than 20 employees recently after an investigation into company culture.

Kalanick will remain on the board and will be lurking around as he still retains control of a majority of Uber’s voting shares.

Uber will now go through the process of looking for a new head honcho. In the meantime — Lyft anyone?
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