YouTube joins the fight against online terrorism


NSFW    SAN BRUNO, CALIFORNIA — The global fight on radicalization now has a new enemy — YouTube. The Google-owned company claims it’s now working with governments, law enforcement and NGOs to tackle online extremism.

YouTube announced four steps it’s taking to combat online terrorism. First, they’re devoting more engineering resources to faster detect unfriendly content.

Second, YouTube Snitches will get 50 other ‘expert’ NGOs to help flag even more content.

Google is going to take a tougher stance by demonetizing clips with inflammatory religious or supremacist content that do not clearly violate YouTube’s policies.

But best of all, YouTube thinks it can actually redirect potential recruits to anti-terrorist videos.

Wow, who would have thought that all you needed to do to combat terrorism was watch YouTube.

Does that mean news stories on attacks are now okay? No — those are still YouTube inappropriate.
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