What Up at the White House recap Episode 4


NSFW    WASHINGTON — After working like a madman, Trump blows off some steam by harassing the London mayor in the wake of Britain’s latest terror attacks.

The president uses the attacks to push for his Muslim ban, but is advised not to call it a ban. Trump ignores the haters and calls it a ban.

Trump figures out how to succeed by going to war with Reality to stop the leaks.

Donald then jumps right into the middle of the Qatar diplomatic crisis. And by middle, we mean he tweets about it.

But then, like a bad soap opera. Guess who’s back? Comey, Comey, Comey, Comey, Comey — COMEY! In order to get the ratings back up, Congress hauls Comey in to testify.

Trump is kept unusually busy so he can’t comment, but that’s what mini Trump is for.

Trump ends up ditching his planned itinerary and drops by to pay his pal Comey a little visit. Okay, maybe he didn’t, but he should have.

Stay tuned for this week’s episode.
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