There's only one person holding President Trump back


NSFW    WASHINGTON — If you don’t count the first 44, Donald Trump is the single best president the greatest country on Earth has ever had — period.

Things would be even better, if it weren’t for his archnemesis stabbing him in the back. Unfortunately for Trump, he’s by far his own worstest enemy.

All he had to do to get his Muslim ban passed was to not call it a ban, so what does he do? Calls it a ban.

Trump gets angry when the mainstream media criticizes his psychitzophrenic tweets, so what does he do? He doubles down and releases a torrent of even crazier tweets.

And now with the Comey testimony coming up, all Trump has to do is ignore it, and let it pass. But we all know that won’t happen. No doubt Trump will be replying via the Twittersphere in real time.

What a great time to be American, right?
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