Hackers are holding Pirates of the Caribbean 5 for ransom


NSFW    NEW YORK — It looks Disney’s new Pirates of the Caribbean 5 has been pirated.

Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger spilled the beans at an ABC town hall meeting in New York, saying hackers reportedly pilfered the movie and are holding it for ransom.

The hackers are demanding a large amount of BitCoins in exchange for not leaking the movie.

Disney is refusing to pay, while the studio is working with federal investigators to catch the culprits.

The digital thieves have threatened to release five minutes of the film at first, and then in 20-minute pieces until their financial demands are met.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is set to open on May 26.

The ransom comes only weeks after a hacker dropped 10 episodes of the new season of Orange is the New Black after Netflix refused to cough up the cash.

Is this a new trend? More importantly, will anyone even watch Pirates 5 if it’s leaked?
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