Kushners name-drop Jared at event pitching U.S. visas for the rich


NSFW    BEIJING — Jared Kushner has come under fire again, but this time not from the battlefield. Jared Kushner’s sister took the stage in Beijing and Shanghai over the weekend to urge wealthy Chinese to fund a New Jersey development through the EB-5 visa program.

During her pitch, Nicole Kushner Meyer mentioned Jared’s role in the White House, and then flashed a picture of Trump — real subtle.

What she forgot to include was the exit of its anchor tenant, loss of millions in tax breaks and a souring relationship with the Jersey City mayor.

Enter the EB-5. For dropping at least $500,000 in a project, rich foreigners can essentially buy U.S. green cards.

One goal of the program was to promote development in depressed communities, but in reality it’s mainly used to fund projects in wealthy areas.

The Kushners have been increasingly looking for rich foreign investors, many in China, to get deals done.

The company has apologized for dropping Jared’s name at the sales pitch, saying it wasn’t an attempt to lure investors. Ughh, sure it wasn’t.
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