Emmanuel Macron triumphs over the French Trump to win election


NSFW    PARIS — France hit the polls on Sunday to give an oh-hell-no to the French Trump — Marine Le Pen — and elected its youngest ever president, Emmanuel Macron.

The centrist political newby gave the anti-E.U., anti-reality Le Pen a ballot box beatdown.

The election marks Macron’s meteoric rise from relative obscurity and an end to a polarizing campaign.

In the end, Le Pen’s anti-immigration tone and bats**t crazy ideas — like pulling out of the E.U., NATO and hopping in bed with Russia — were too much to stomach.

Adding to the drama last Friday, Macron’s campaign was hit with a massive computer hack that dumped 9 gigs of campaign emails online. Wonder who was responsible?

Macron has a tough job ahead of him with high unemployment, a sluggish economy and biggest of all — security issues he needs to deal with as he attempts to bring together a divided nation. At least he has the country’s hottest grandmother by his side.
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