How airlines are sanitizing planes amid the coronavirus outbreak


NSFW    WORLD ??As the novel coronavirus spreads globally, major airlines are taking preventative measures to ensure their airplanes are as clean as possible.

Southwest Airlines told CNN Travel that their airlines' cleaning procedure includes disinfecting all hard surfaces inside the cabin as well as cleaning all seats and the carpet amid the outbreak of Covid-19.

An American Airlines spokesperson told the broadcasting network that airplane lavatories and floors are being thoroughly cleaned while all visible trash on seat pockets is removed before every flight.

A Qantas Airways spokesperson explained that their cabins, seats, galleys and washrooms are being cleaned and disinfected.

The spokesperson also noted that their planes use HEPA filters as part of their air-conditioning systems. The airline says the filters "provide much cleaner air than other public spaces" such as trains or shopping centers.

Delta Air Lines says it is using a technique called fogging, which involves spraying an EPA-registered disinfectant on all trans-Pacific flights landing in the U.S. The airline says it plans to expand fogging to more inbound international flights.

Cathay Pacific is replacing all seat covers and disinfecting all surfaces and carpets as well as sterilizing water equipment and replacing air filters, CNN reports.

The airline has also stopped providing hot towels, pillows, blankets, magazines and duty-free service on all flights to and from China.
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