Facebook still actually thinks it can get into China someday


NSFW    MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA — Facebook has still yet to realize that there’s not a Chinaman’s chance of getting into China no matter what they do.

The rest of Silicon Valley realized long ago that staying in China was a lose-lose situation, which is why companies like Google, Twitter and Uber have all left the country.

The only way foreign companies can operate in China is by bending over and selling their soul.

Facebook thought it would help by developing censorship software, but the CCP only wants companies in the market that it can control — i.e. Chinese ones.

Facebook, because of its arrogance and hubris, has yet to wake up and smell the soy sauce. Thank Zuckerberg’s wife, Priscilla Chan, for that. All the butt-kissing and shoe-shining the two do only goes to show their incredible naivety when it comes to China.

The only way Facebook gets in is by giving the Commies the keys to the castle. Zuckerberg and his wife need to stop embarrassing themselves and quit with the kowtowing already.
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