UK wants to snub Trump but rolled out red carpet for Xi Jinping


NSFW    LONDON — President Donald Trump is set to take in the sights of jolly old England later this year.

But if House of Commons speaker John Bercow has his way, Trump won’t be addressing parliament.

Some don’t want Trump to meet the Queen either. Sharing a carriage with the orange Cheeto might cause Her Majesty the Queen embarrassment.

Bercow accused Trump of being sexist, racist and lacking in respect for the rule of law.

Of course, these hypocrites had no problem rolling out the red carpet for Xi Jinping, China’s autocratic ruler.

Is Trump really worse than the leader of a country that is a notorious abuser of human rights? China kidnaps booksellers and denies Hong Kong universal suffrage.

Meanwhile, the UK doesn’t lift a finger to meet their obligations to Hong Kong under the Sino-British Joint Declaration.

Trump has stood up to China. What has Bercow done but kowtow?
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