Charles Oakley arrested courtside in feud with Knicks owner Dolan


NSFW    NEW YORK — Even though his playing days are long over, retired NBA baller Charles Oakley still managed to find himself getting aggressive with massive men courtside at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday.

Oak had returned to the world’s most famous arena to watch his former team play the Clippers. Four minutes after taking his seat however, a group of security guards showed up and informed the retired Knick that he would have to leave. A paying customer and there as a fan, Oakley was confused as to why he was being ejected. A scuffle ensued, and officers of the NYPD were forced to step in and forcibly escort the former fan favorite out of the arena.

Oakley has been at odds with the Knicks organization for years — a long-standing feud between the former power forward and owner James Dolan at the center of it all.

Initial reports following the incident stated that Dolan was sitting nearby at the time, and Oakley was verbally harassing him. Interviewed after the game, Oakley claimed he wasn’t even aware of Dolan’s presence.

Taken out in handcuffs and charged with three counts of assault, Oakley said he’s still a Knicks fan, and grateful to the Knicks faithful that welcomed him when he first sat down. This is the latest incident in a drama-plagued year for the floundering team, which holds a record of 22-32 while also dealing with constant trade rumors surrounding its star player Carmelo Anthony.
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