Chargers moving to LA: San Diego movers are refusing to help the team relocate to Los Angeles


NSFW    SAN DIEGO — Now that the Chargers have decided to ditch San Diego in exchange for Los Angeles, they’re having trouble finding logistics companies that will help them with the move.

Billionaire owner Alex Spanos is finding it hard to score a mover after San Diego companies banded together to refuse to relocate the team to L.A.

So far, 22 movers in the city have told the Chargers to eff off, and so have five L.A.-based companies.

Moving companies are basically saying goodbye to a massive payday upwards of $100,000 not to move the Chargers offices and training equipment.

It may not be the smartest way to send a message, but it sure is funny.

Unfortunately, the noble actions of these bold movers will no doubt go unnoticed by Spanos.
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