China is giving its propaganda a facelift to reach out to Chinese millennials


NSFW    BEIJING — As China’s millennials have become more tech-savvy, the Chinese Communist Party has tried to retool its propaganda machine for a new audience.

Xi Jinping has forced propaganda officers to utilize digital media to resist foreign popular culture influences, and to target younger audiences, the New York Times reported.

The party has invested millions in animated videos, while Chinese scholars copy TED-style talks to criticize the West.

They even have lame “hip hop” groups that suck up to the CCP and warn about America’s efforts to topple the regime.

And now even Apple is getting in on the selling out game. At the behest of Beijing, Apple has kicked the New York Times out of China’s Apple Store.

Chinese law prohibits the publication of “harmful information” — aka reality — online.

Funny how Tim Cook will refuse to unlock an iPhone in the U.S., but turns to putty for the CCP. But hey, who needs freedom of information when you can buy a shiny new iPhone.
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