Airlines are wasting thousands of gallons of fuel on 'ghost flights'


NSFW    EUROPE ??Airlines are wasting thousands of gallons of jet fuel flying EMPTY airplanes amid China's latest gift to the world because of some fantastic European rule saying operators can lose their flight slots if they're not flying.
Business Insider reports that people around the world are saying no thanks to air travel as the China Sniffles-19 has spread like wildfire around the globe
According to Business Insider, European nanny rules demand that airlines flying out of Europe must continue to run 80 percent of their assigned slots or risk losing them to competitors.
The Times of London reports that this has led to some airlines flying completely empty "ghost flights" to and from Europe.
Clearly, destroying the environment for business is probably the best way to go. And luckily jet fuel grows on trees, so we'll always have more to burn.
According to the failing New York Times, the airline industry has been one of the harder hit industries among the recent Co-China-19 madness with some estimates saying worldwide revenue to fall $63 billion to $113 billion for the year.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to airlines across the world during these trying times. Stay strong guys.
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