Netflix secret codes to hidden shows and movie categories


NSFW    NETFLIX — Hey Netflix addicts, If your Netflix algorithm is starting to show you the same predictable shows and genres, here's the hack you've been waiting for.

It sure can be annoying going through the same old suggested content. Don't worry though, Netflix actually has a set of secret codes that allow you to unlock the hidden show and movie categories.

To utilize the codes, you need to enter them into the URL manually, so for example, you want to browse B-Horror Movies, replace the INSERTNUMBER at end of the URL with the code 8195. Are you a martial arts movie junkie? Simple, just type in the code 8985, there, master Netflix sure knows de wae.

Voila, a whole new way to access new shows that you can binge watch — and always keep that algorithm guessing, oh and the codes works for all regions of Netflix, how awesome is that?
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