China Offers Help to North Korea Despite Their Claims of Zero Cases


NSFW    BEIJING — Chinese President Xi Jinping responded to a message that he received from North Korea's Kim Jong-un; and in doing so, may have just outed the country's claims of zero coronavirus cases.

Kim Jong-un said of Xi that he is 'highly appreciating that he is seizing a chance of victory in the war against the unprecedented epidemic.'

Xi said that he too highly appreciated Kim's support during China's outbreak and, 'showed his personal attention to the situation of the pandemic and people's health' in North Korea; a statement that would contradict the narrative Kim Jong-un has been pushing.

Xi said that more efforts were required to strengthen cooperation in preventing the spread of the virus, adding that China is 'willing to continue to provide assistance within its own capacity for [North Korea] in the fight against Covid-19.'

With Pyongyang being slow to accept public offers of help from the U.S., and with peace talks with Washington stalling, if North Korea accepted, or even looked like they accepted China's help the CPP would surely assert itself as Kim's true ally.

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