Kim's Recent Appearance: What Really Happened?


NSFW    NORTH KOREA — NK Daily, a South Korean newspaper with informants on the bad side of the border claim that the hermit kingdom's Pyongyang officials scrambled together in a 48-hour panic and mysteriously organized that ribbon-cutting function of the fertilizer factory we saw just to prove he was alive.

The report also claims that the factory is unfinished and inoperable.

The newspaper's informant said, 'for two days the construction workers fully devoted themselves to preparing for the ceremony. They worked themselves to the bone day and night to create the appearance of a finished factory, coating the outside of the building and fitting it with glass.'

The source claims that in addition, all factory personnel, and even their families were mobilized to plant flower beds and clean the roads within the factory grounds.

Despite this mass mobilization of labor, no one had any idea that it would be their supreme leader, Kim Jong-un that would be opening the factory.

The insider said, 'nobody onsite expected that the event would involve Kim Jong-un himself.'

'Everyone knows that construction was not complete.'

The factory has also encountered difficulties importing modern machinery and raw materials to produce the phosphatic fertilizer it was built for or being built for.

The Central Committee of North Korea reportedly issued an order that the factory must have 'at least two' production lines running by October 10th, the anniversary of the founding of North Korea's communist party.

Currently, the majority of the fertilizer used in North Korea comes from their pals in China.

Kim Jong-un's sudden reemergence at the factory after a strange three weeks out may have been an attempt to draw attention to the fruits of North Korea's 'frontal breakthrough' strategy, as well as to rally and inspire increased food production amid the country's food shortages.

However, this doesn't explain why he was away from the public eye for so long.

Mintaro Oba, a former US official who worked on North Korea, told ABC, 'The blunt truth is that we can speculate all we want about where Kim Jong-un was and why he disappeared, but we simply don't know.'

If he was hiding out to protect himself from the coronavirus, as South Korea said, then that would contradict North Korea's claims of zero coronavirus cases.

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