Monkey on Scooter Tries to Kidnap Kid in Viral Video


NSFW    SURABAYA, INDONESIA — A monkey riding a tiny motor scooter has been filmed trying to kidnap a toddler.

According to local outlet, Indonesia Expat, the incident occurred on Saturday in the East Java city of Surabaya and involved a traditional form of street entertainment known as 'masked monkey.'

In the video, the primate rides his tiny bike down a narrow residential street to the tune of gamelan percussion music before slamming on the brakes by a wooden bench where a woman is sitting with a baby and two young children.

The monkey hops off and makes an attempt for the kid, dragging the infant several meters.

When the monkey brings the abduction to an end, the girl gets up and makes a run for it, fortunately, she only suffered abrasions to her forehead.

Indonesian's netizens have condemned the handler of the monkey, arguing that it's wrong to enslave it for human entertainment.

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