Japanese Aquarium Wants You to Video Chat Eels


NSFW    TOKYO — A Japanese aquarium is asking you to video call its eels for fear of them forgetting who we are.

Sumida Aquarium in Tokyo says that social isolation is even affecting its eels. The claim comes after caretakers spotted garden eels burrowing down into the sand as they passed the tank.

The aquarium believes the new avoidance behavior is because the eels have become unfamiliar with humans since the aquarium closed on March 1st due to the coronavirus.

While such behavior is natural to the species when frightened, the aquarium is concerned that the burrowing will affect scientists' ability to study them.

In a press release, they said, 'The disappearance of the Chinese eels made it difficult for the breeding staff to check whether they are doing well, whether they are healthy, are they thin, and are they ill.'

To help the eels feel more at home, the aquarium has launched an 'emergency' three-day event calling on people around the world to video call the eels to get them acclimatized to us again.

The face-time event began on the 3rd and ends on the 5th.

This is the first time they have used technology to remind animals that humans exist, therefore they are not sure if it will be a success.

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