North and South Korean troops exchange gunfire in the DMZ


NSFW    SEOUL — North and South Korean troops exchanged small arms fire in the demilitarized zone on May 3.

Citing a statement from the South Korean joint chiefs of staff, the Korea Herald reports North Korea fired first but inflicted no casualties on South Korean forces.

According to the Yonhap News Agency, North Korean troops fired multiple shots at a South Korean outpost early in the morning, while the garrison returned two shots.

The South Korean military states North Korea apparently fired "unintentionally."

The state-funded news agency cites the military as saying the morning's fog would have obscured firing targets.

Additionally, the ground occupied by North Korean troops offered no tactical advantage over the outpost.

The 155-mile or 250-km-long DMZ is heavily defended by mines, fences and guard posts, and rates as the world's most militarized border.
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