China Bans COVID-19 From Games


NSFW    CHINA — Now that China is trying to stifle coronavirus research in a bid to control the narrative of its origin, Xi Jinping's far-reaching blanket of control is now trying to suffocate gaming, well, even more so than before.

We at TomoNews have come across a new game regulations notice coming out of China and you guessed it, it's targeting players, zombie-related content and that elusive COVID-19, China keeps denying a birthplace.

In a post to CK101, a forum cited a Chinese game outlet, Youxiputao, claiming that the authorities in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangdong are about to demand that all gamers must use their actual legal names as their username; interestingly, the source also claims that they will ban all content related to zombies, pandemics or anything relating to COVID-19, and those that use a worldwide server.

The user from the forum claims that some gamers in Animal Crossing may be accountable for these changes, as they used the game to create politically sensitive images and slogans about pro-democracy.

"In principle, mini-games and console games require real-name authentication by the operating platform."

"Illegal advertisements shall not be implanted in games, such as the promotion of unapproved game advertisements, if found, they shall be held accountable according to the law."

These two points here essentially shut down an anonymous gamer posting "unapproved" content, such as the promotion of free speech, democracy or any message for that matter that Xi hasn't already preapproved.

But what about those terrifying zombies and mentions of COVD-19 that China is trying so hard to deny responsibility for?

"No zombies, plagues or other themes corresponding to the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic should be allowed in the game, to ensure that the game chat does not allow inappropriate comments."

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